4 Pillars of Alignment Course

Rise and Conquer . . .

  • Positive Focus
  • The Art of Control
  • The Heart Experiment
  • Reverse Expectation

Your world is a mine field of adverse forces.  And although it may seem at times, an insurmountable burden, it cannot extinguish the spark that IS your life, the core of who you are, the perfect soul inside.  You were born with infinite goodness. Infinite potential.  You were meant for greatness.  You fit within a pattern of this world that is meant for YOU and no one else.  Your life is a journey that moves about you.  Look, Move, breath. Live. RISE.

Each stop. Each obstacle. You Exude Strength.  Endure it. Persevere.  You Are Light. You are an Indomitable Warrior.  KNOW who you are, a Valiant Hero. A Survivor. A Conqueror.  March forward with Certainty.  With Purpose. Break the cycle.  Shed the negativity. BE the Light in your world. You ARE beyond all adverse forces and they DO NOT tell your story.

The 4 Pillars of Alignment is a program designed to help re-align with your core being.  We are constantly battered by outside forces. Forces that may not be within our ability to control.  But we have access to an internal power that can withstand adversity.  The 4 Pillars Program will show you how to re-align with that power to give you strength to rise and conquer.

First, you will take part in an Assessment Survey.  The survey will give us an insight into the behavioral aspects of your personality.  But it’s not just a “pick the best choice” questionnaire, we want to know the REAL you, so we allow you to write in some of the answers.  From there, an analyst will review your choices and email you a report to help you get a personalized jump start in the right direction based on what we see in your survey results.

Next, you will be given access to the 4 Pillars of Alignment Video Series.

  1. Positive Focus – Whether you relate as a Pessimist or an Optimist, there is power in the positive. Part of re-alignment has to do with seeing the world in a different light than you are used to.  This segment will focus on retraining your brain to practice thinking and acting in a positive and polite manner.   Your core being recognizes and seeks out positive engagement and reinforcements.  It can get muddled with the confusion of outside negative energy.  Adverse forces get normalized in society and we forget that it actually goes AGAINST our natural desire to see and BE the good in the world.  We allow ourselves to bite back with snarky comments, hold on to jealousy, seek out revenge, lie to those we love and so on.  But the first step to changing the world and being an influence for good – lies with changing our own behavior first.
  2. The Art of Control – The concept to grasp in this segment is WHERE the control actually lies and how integrating the idea into your life can transform you and even bring a sense of freedom.  It can also prevent you from making well-intentioned mistakes.  There are so many moving parts in our life that are outside our threshold.  We can’t change or fix everything and that can lead to feelings of isolation, hopelessness, frustration, self doubt and even shattered relationships.  In this segment, we will teach you how exercising the art of true control actually CAN make a positive difference in your world.
  3. The Heart Experiment – You have probably heard the expression “Rose colored glasses.”  While this can be grouped into the first pillar about positivity, it can also become a useful tool to help you remember just how far a little bit of kindness can go.  We are often faced with opposition and contention and we can get too caught up in life to recognize the need of another.  But what if we practiced the concept of “love and peace is always the solution” on a daily basis and really put it to the test?  It’s understandably NOT an easy task.  We are marred with some type of frustration or irritation at every turn.  But the impossible just might be possible and this segment will explore how.
  4. Reverse Expectation – The root of most disappointment is inflated expectation.  It’s a selfish notion.  You don’t buy a house at auction expecting it to be “move in ready”.  You enter into the arrangement accepting ALL conditions As Is, knowing it’s a work in progress. People are who they are. Life is what it is. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less than what you want. In this segment, we will talk about how using reverse expectation leads to pleasant outcomes.

When all 4 pillars are implemented in harmony, you will begin to see life’s real beauty and maybe taking a step back to breath it in is just what you’ve been missing.

The 4 Pillars of Alignment Program includes:

  • Lifetime Access to Program Module
  • PDF Transcription of all Audio
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • MP3 Audio Access To Listen While You Work